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In CasterBlaster we embody the character of an adventurer who goes through and abandoned mansion, which is in a forest, since his mission is to reach the mountains and this route is supposed to be the fastest, but not everything will be as simple as it seems...

The game will divide into 3 levels:

First Level:

In the first level, it will be like a first contact with the game, only the space button will be used and your mission is to avoid the obstacles and manage the super speed, because it will not be unlimited, the objetive of this first level will be to reach the gate of the mansion.

Second Level:

The second level, you will have to use the keys that will be on the screen to teleport to them, and thus be able to dodge the turrets that will be in the mansion, the mission of this level will be to survive until time runs out, once you get it you will advance to the next level.

Third Level:

The third and last level will be a game in which you will hace to use the microphone to guide the player to the exit of the mansion, while dodging the turrets.

The commands will be "Left" to move to the left, "Right" to move to the right and "Stop" to make the character stop.

The components of the team are:

Gonzalo Vidal Lizasoain ---> Designer /  Programmer

Kai Yang Ye  ---> Designer

Ignacio Garcia Olavide ---> Designer


Zaira González Córdoba ---> Programmer

Jesús Guzmán Martins ---> Programmer

AuthorGonzalo Vidal
Tags2D, minigames, one-button
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Voice control
AccessibilityOne button
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


CastleBlaster Game.rar 17 MB