A downloadable game for Windows

Keep in mind this is only a prototype.

The Game

The design of Hell, the Bomb !, is based, on a 2D platform, in which two players have to throw themselves snowballs, until one of them runs out of lives, that being said, each player starts with a total of 3 lives, which will be lost as it receives damage from the snowballs.

But not only is that the only mechanic that Hell, the Bomb !, has, since the victory can also be obtained by picking up the yellow bags, which will add the player's score to one.

It should be noted that the game consists of a timer, and if it reaches 0 and none of the players has lost all their lives, the game will be considered finished, giving the draw to both players.

Creative Statements

  • Platformer.
  • Pixel appearance.
  • Same screen.
  • Co-op needed.
  • Competitive.

If you like the idea that we try to carry out, please consider:

Install Instructions

The current version is only a prototype. It´s only for Windows x64. We hope having support in the future for Mac and Linux Os too.

Develop by:

  • Zaira González as programmer & designer.
  • Gonzálo Vidal Lizasoain designer.
  • Borja Borrallo San Segundo as designer, programmer & art.


Hell, The Bomb!.rar 17 MB

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