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Zaira González Córdoba               Designer / Programmer / Graphics 

Kai Yang Ye                                   Programmer 

Gonzalo Vidal Lizasoain                Designer / Level Designer 



Project Ganma is a game in which cooperation is essential, since two players have to cooperate through a split screen, to push a ball and make it come in contact with the metallic balls, to eliminate them.

On a dark map in which the yellow ball will be the only one that gives illumination, they will have to push it, coordinating themselves to eliminate the metallic balls without touching the walls, or they will have to find the yellow ball again.

The game has a 10 minute timer, and if they have not managed to win the game before that, they'll have to start again.

To play, one player will have an xBox controller (or simillar) and the other will have to play with the mouse and the keyboard.


  Creative Statement:

As something peculiar, differentiating,  the mechanics of the game that force the players to cooperate, to overcome the level would be one of the features, since although you can try to overcome the level alone,  with the timer, a single player can't beat the level alone.


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Zaira González

Gonzalo Vidal

Kai Yang

Authorsgonxi95, Kai Yang, Zaira G.
Made withUnity
TagsLocal multiplayer, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


Ganma.7z 23 MB

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